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setup phpMTAS - some fields update, some don't??


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I've imported the db.sql into my database that I called vc2003. Using phpMyAdmin, here's the tables that are shown:

Table Action Records Type Size

mtavc_action 3 MyISAM 2.1 KB

mtavc_chat 0 MyISAM 1.0 KB

mtavc_players 1 MyISAM 2.0 KB

3 table(s) Sum 4 -- 5.1 KB

I jump into the game with a buddy and mess around... I manually run the php -q exec.php and it does its thing. I go to the web page and it does seem to update top vehicles and top weapons. It also looks like it shows the player stats (number of murders/suicides, player joins, cars boosted, etc). It does NOT show player information or it just not show the realtime player list if you click on the top server IP:PORT link.

Any ideas what I'm missing here? Thanks for any info!!


I removed >everything< and started again with 1.0-beta and all the fields updated properly. Hmm, what's the difference?

Also, thought I should mention, I have MTA server running on a windows box and phpMTAS running on a linux box with a mounted drive. I read someone else had that setup, but couldn't find any more info.

Thanks again guys!


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