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here's a couple, gang related, and names

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was thinking, one of the problems I see alot is when people form gangs they have trouble finding one another. Lets start here, Planetside lets you form a squad, by simply typing /invite , which send splayer and invite into your squad, bingo you're squad leader, and you can invite up to 10 peeps, at least last time i played it. Would be a great idea especially in team play, if you could use something similiar, to form gangs. Then either arrows on map would change to a specified color for your gang members or arrows over head to follow to gang leader . .something along those lines. Just and idea is all.

Second longer characters for player names. .

not that I really need a longer name but being a lame ass that I am, I don't want to change my name simply cause I joined a clan. A nick is something that reflects who you are, yes, I am a bleeding kunt . .

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