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[Tutorial] Easy making of a Moving image billboard on a map.


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Hello guys, Here today i got a very simple way of getting a billboard with a static image that moves (Yes it moves!, and it is noob-proof), using the UV-Scripted files from the wiki.

Lets do it by steps. (I'm going to make it as i did on my map, Intervalia 2.)


Download the "UV Scripted" Shader from the wiki..




Unzip it and add it to your map folder:



Edit meta and add the Lines requiered..

<script src="c_uv_scripted.lua" type="client" /> 
<file src="uv_scripted.fx" type="client" /> 
<file src="include/tex_matrix.fx" type="client" /> 
<file src="images/env3.bmp" type="client" /> 



Edit the image at "images" folder for the one you want!

(NOTE: EDIT THE BMP FILE, AND IF U CHANGE IT, SAVE IT AS BMP and make sure is is the same name!)

(I added this one in my case) <- Click for link



Open the "c_uv_scripted.lua" file with notepad, or your preferred lua editor.

Scroll down (or search) This lines:

            -- Create object with model 4729 (billboard)            local x,y,z = getElementPosition( getLocalPlayer() ) 
            createObject ( 4729, x-15, y, z+3 ) 


6#: Replace them with the following lines: (Keep it open on those lines, dont close it!)

            -- Create object with model 4729 (billboard) 
            createObject ( 4729, x, y, z, rx, ry, rz ) 

7#: Go to your map and create a billboard (Model "4729") where you want to place it, and get its coords. (After getting them, delete the object.)


8#: Now go back to the lines we placed on step 6, and replace the "X Y Z" with the "X Y Z" Values from the position, and the "RX RY RZ" values from the rotation ones. Save and close the file. (Told you to keep it open!)

In my case:


9#: Now profit! congratulations, it should have a pretty nice effect once you play the map.




Hope it helps.



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Thanks Guys, i've put some hours of work on this tutorial.

Btw, Thanks for the help of Hunterix, here you got an extra:

Hello guys, if you want to add more shaders and make them global, just change these lines:

(Note that you will have to add more lines with createObject)

-- Apply to world texture 
engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( myShader, "bobo_2" ) 
-- Create object with model 4729 (billboard) 
createObject ( 4729, X, Y, Z, RX, RY, RZ ) 


-- Create object with model 4729 (billboard) 
createObject(4729, X, Y, Z, RX, RY, RZ ) 
-- Apply to world texture 
objectShader = createObject 
engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture ( myShader, "bobo_2",objectShader ) 

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