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can you make it so the health bar is more accurate instead of the three differnt positions (full, half dead, screwed) because it is VERY hard to tell when you have hit and who is using trainers because of the lag. (and sort of on the same subject can you get blood to only appear when the bullet has registered on the server and not just on your client)

but a good idea if you can do is maybe have a bandwith selector(possibly server side, maybe disable more things as connection is worse) to determine how data is transferred, i was thinking even of have a LAN server option that has everything(even peds) as bandwith isnt a problem for 100Mbit.

Im wondering if this is a do-able fix(whatever u wanna call it) as some of the problems are happening because of sync related crap.

And a small(maybe big) addition could be sync everyones game clock so you can setup meeting times and stuff, could even have all packets with a timestam, and every packet b4 your current time would be dropped.

now dont go nit-picking my sugg cause its late and cbf making sure they are all right

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