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Possible Bonus features?


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I just read on a thread that there is a max of 36 peds at anyone time in gta

and that each player in mta uses a slot, that leaves 4

now i know thats not enough to sync peds


..How about have use those 4 slots as bonus ped's, like if you kill him they could give you a weapon not usually avaiable, or unlock the hunter for you, reduce your health to 1

thats just a few ideas, you could set it so on that ped's death one of those things randomly happens, the server could spawn these peds in random locations, and they would just randomly go aroudn the map and not be shown on the radar?

i'm thinking the server would have to know the maps, so you could have a config file for each map (so it can be used with maps other than the default) which could contain paths these peds could follow

also, 4 peds, 8 players in game could have one bonus ped, 16 players 2 peds, 32 4 peds

Also is there a simular kind of limit for cars? you could have 1 car with strong armour, and whoever kills it gets a bonus? or that could be a gamemode, and the car would drive by at you back?...*shrugs*

i think it could be a good idea :) hope i don't get flamed for a stupid idea!

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Another Idea

i also read therse a limit of 50 cars?

is this true? i'm sure theres more than 50 cars around the map..

Anyways i'm assuming the way gta garages work is that the cars only loaded once you are next to it and just before the door opens, hence how they magically get fixed

could you put garages aroudn the islands for extra cars if there is a limit? but make it so the cars take 5 minutes to respawn? just trying to help :)

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