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External Server Browser for MTA 0.x

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This is a modification of mabako's External Server Browser that will display all Multi Theft Auto 0.x servers from Game-Monitor and launch MTAClient with the IP/port and nickname fields filled in.


To install, extract the archive into your Multi Theft Auto directory and run MTABrowser.exe.

Thanks to adamix for modifying the original program source to work with 0.x servers!


When running Windows Vista or 7, you are unable to connect to a server in MTAClient after pressing "Connect" in MTABrowser.

Solution: Run MTABrowser as an Administrator (right click -> "Run as administrator").

Spamming the "Refresh" button may cause the server list to appear twice in its entirety (screenshot) (does not affect Linux version)

Solution: Don't spam the button! :mrgreen:

This may be fixed in a future release.


1.1.1 (2010-08-02):

Fixed the issue where navigating the server list using arrow keys or clicking again on an already selected server in the list does not refresh the player list.

1.1 (2010-07-30):

- Fixed a couple bugs.

- Added an application icon.


There is also a Linux version that is included with MTA 0.5 Server Patch 1 Hotfix. Obviously, it only displays the list of servers since MTAClient 0.x does not run natively on Linux.

Source is available here, and mabako's original source is here.

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