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heres a crazy idea, the current methods of finding games seem annoying, if someone has broadband or 24/7 internet access, when people play games if they could just run a program to send there ip to this nice person who's willing to host another program which just keeps a list of servers for people, does this seem silly? i would but as i've stated i'm on dial up and my ip changes everytime, you could also have a number of people who run it, and it checks one ip if there offline then the next, it could be an easier way to have to download an irc client or ase?

i'm happy to try this, although it would be in vb, and i know a lot of people seem to hate vb for some reason....you could have this program start the server for you, waits a few seconds for the server to initialise or whatever it does then send the ip, and when the server gets closed the program removes the ip of the list (does this seem complicated to anyone?)

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yes, I'm lost :oops: But that's ok. Listen, the easiest way to find dedicated GTA3 gamers is via mirc. Just download it at http://www.mirc.com (or get your own script). Login to the mta server and register and officially chat channel such as #gta3

- Have the people who play gta3 on a regular basis come to the channel and idle there. Then just settle on someone to host with broadband (such as myself) for a game. Or you can always use the servers available at ASE. We could just post them on the topic area of the channel if some of you don't have ASE.

- Xerox was one of the people who I met on mirc last night who is willing to play some gta3 sometime. So mirc meeting and registering a chan might not be a bad idea.

- The downside to this would be the fact that most gta3 users on ASE are n00bs to this all. So I don't expect them to find their way into mirc since it's 'technical' to some.

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i think your right, just have to add now i've been getting these really wierd errors, i installed vice city today, borrowed it, surprisngly it runs smoother than gta3 even tho it says it requires a directx 9 video card? and the wierd thing java buttons don't seem to work well at least the buttons on this site, and get a wierd error when trying to open vb

i started on that program i was on about, if it gets done i'll try and show you what i mean, i have mirc somewhere, just never install it :P

does mta have a room somewhere? if so what server, can't be bothered to look thru all the posts now, and since none of these magical search buttosn aren't working that puts me off more...

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