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That was unexpected...

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Well, after downloadin MTA:VC today (man, didnt take you guys long to get it out :D ), I started playing the thing against my bro. over our LAN connection.

Anyway, I also had the net running at the time downloadin some stuff, and about 10 minutes after I finished downloadin the crap, someone joined my game over the net. :shock:

I just found that kinda cool cause from how my IP for the server was setted up for I thought could only be accessed by my LAN, guess not though, but hey, at least it worked, havin I and my bro's PC on the LAN and one dude from the net playin in the same game with no problem. :)

(except lag :wink: )

Anyway, love to see whats comin to MTA in the future, whether it be bug fixes, bandwidth optimisation, or even full text to type in GTA itself (well, exclamations, colon's, etc wont type in it), I'm just happy this whole project is out and that there is actually a dedicated team doing what shoulda been in GTA3\VC in the first place, multiplayer gamin :twisted:

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