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Looking For Small Community at Race Maps!

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Hi there ;D

Decided to move here, trying to join or even create a group of players fans of race mod.

I play the mod a long time ago and always liked the maps of all against all, where the last to be standing wins. Like wankenstein and that :)

So I am here looking for people trying to make a little server at 1.0 just with that kind of modes, because for me its a lot more fun than "capture the flag" or an "team deathmatch" .

I have some maps of my own, and I am looking forward to make more.. like : teamwork maps, dd maps, fun maps where u need skills, and ofc the big stunt maps.

If anyone wanna join me, or if someone is already doing this please invite me to ur group :)

DarkLink Much Love ;D

MTA Race v1.1.1 Big Fan !

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