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MTA SA DM 1.0 dp2.3 problem

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When i get a bike-bmx and i enter in it my screen is flashing and it's getting more and more white! :x

Any idea how to fix it?Thx in advance

Before bug -> http://cdn.solidfiles.net/i/4fKd.png

Pic -> http://cdn.solidfiles.net/i/y1Y1.png

PC : Intel C2D e8400 3ghz , 4gb ram , sapphire ati radeon 4830 hd , 750gb hdd

EDIT: This happened to me before in sa-mp when i was playing with the gravity and now in mta sa dm in a bike :mrgreen:

The server is mine, the gamemode is freeroam without map.When i start a map for freeroam gamemode type it's the same.

I fixed it by reinstalling mta sa.Please delete this topic

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