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Map doesnt start

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everytime when I join my server, theres only a black screen with a chat window.

I successfully logged in with /login username password.

I tried to load the ressource "race-speedway" via "p" but there is no map at all.

Could you please help me?


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It doesnt work -.-


[14:46:53] Could not parse 'settings.xml' file (Invalid file). Starting with an empty settings registry.

[14:46:56] Resources: 100 loaded, 0 failed

[14:46:56] Starting resources............

[14:46:57] Server password set to 'liebreich'

[14:46:57] All Seeing Eye listing enabled. Port 22127 (UDP) must be accessible

from the internet

[14:46:57] Querying game-monitor.com master server... success!

[14:46:57] Server started and is ready to accept connections!

[14:47:39] CONNECT: theandyy connected (IP:

[14:47:47] JOIN: theandyy joined the game (IP:

[14:48:13] LOGIN: theandyy successfully logged in

[14:48:33] Starting race

[14:48:34] Starting killmessages

[14:48:34] start: Resource 'race' started

[14:48:34] Gamemode 'Race' started.

[14:48:34] Starting race-speedway

[14:48:34] start: Resource 'race-speedway' started

[14:48:34] Map 'Suburban Speedway' started.

[14:48:37] INFO: Resource starting

[14:48:37] INFO: onGamemodeMapStart(race-speedway)

[14:48:37] ERROR: xmlLoadFile failed; ModifyOtherObjects in ACL denied resource race to access race-speedway

[14:48:37] WARNING: Error while loading race-speedway: no meta.xml

[14:48:37] INFO: Error loading map

[14:48:51] Map vote started by theandyy.

[14:48:56] theandyy voted 6 (Jump Mania)

[14:48:56] Vote ended! [Jump Mania]

[14:48:56] Stopping race-speedway

[14:48:56] INFO: onGamemodeMapStop

[14:48:56] ERROR: ...r/mods/deathmatch/resourcecache/race/race_server.lua:306: attempt to index global 'g_CurrentRaceMode' (a nil value)

[14:48:56] Starting race-jumpmania

[14:48:56] start: Resource 'race-jumpmania' started

[14:48:56] Map 'Jump Mania' started.

[14:48:56] INFO: onGamemodeMapStart(race-jumpmania)

[14:48:56] ERROR: xmlLoadFile failed; ModifyOtherObjects in ACL denied resource race to access race-jumpmania

[14:48:56] WARNING: Error while loading race-jumpmania: no meta.xml

[14:48:56] INFO: Error loading map

[14:49:23] QUIT: theandyy left the game [Quit]

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