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Well first off I'm sure it's been said before, but a banning feature would be nice, because cheats are used quite alot, or so it seems. Anyway, IP banning won't work for obvious reasons. Disconnect, re-dial, new IP. Name banning won't work because.... well that should be even more obvious, unless you made the names fixed to the first one you choose. Someone sooner or later will make a hack for that though. So here is my idea....

Why not use a *hardware ID? (*Drawing blank here... MAC address?). Perhaps even use the video card MAC address instead of network card or modem because everyone has atleast one. Where as a modem user might not have a NIC, and a broadband user might not have a modem. As well it might be nice to make the MAC address used unchangeable incase someone buys a new video card to get around a ban. Even though that seems a bit extreme.

An included feature might be nice if the MTA team had a master server to keep track of bans. Rather like VAC for Half-Life. It would help to keep cheaters off of other servers as well as if need be have the ability to disable an online server incase it was being rented out withotu a proper buisness license (Such as teamspeak does, and it works quite well.).

Anyway. Thats my thought on the matter. Feel free to post any reasonable thoughts, constructive critisim, etc. "You suck!", "That idea blows!", etc is NOT constructive citisim. If your just going to flame. Please don't bother posting.

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