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[HELP REQUIRED] MTA Map editor, can't see objects

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I am experiencing a bug or something like that.

I am creating an Admin Mansion for SA-MP, i added about 250 Objects up to now.

When i try to add another one, I can't see it on the MTA Map Editor even know i can select it from the list.

If i delete few objects and then add it, it's fine until i reach about 250 again.

I am currently using MTA Race 1.1.1

Using Vista Home Basic, I renamed the cliend.dll in MTA Race/mods/race to be able to launch MTA Race on vista.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


EDIT: Just checked it again, The max items it lets me add before turning other items invisible is 250.

I tried the latest version of MTA Race, still the same problem.

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