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UNIQUE PROBLEM: Freezes during gameplay every minute or so!


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Hi. I've been playing MTA Race v. 1.1.1. and 'direct'-connecting to littlewhiteys and wankenstein and the game freezes every 1-2mins for about 4 seconds while i'm driving around... the problem is not unique to Race however... I have been trying the new release of DM and have found the same problem there too! (and have posted this topic in that section of the forum but with no relevant responces: viewtopic.php?f=89&t=23846 )

***This does not happen on GTA SA itself...***

Also, my GTA:SA is unpatched, unmodded, fresh from my own legally bought SA disk

I have hardware acceleration on 'basic' (any more and i get BSOD - at least in normal GTA SA)

All my drivers have been updated to the newest versions

My Internet connection is perfectly stable

No other games (eg COD2) freeze when playing (online or offline)

I have tried playing on low graphics resolution/textures which has no effect..

**I have also noticed that the in-game clock keeps counting while the game is frozen, if that's relevant**

thanks, you guys!

p.s. I HEARD FROM SOMEONE IN-GAME ABOUT A COMMAND I COULD TYPE ... i stupidly didn't write down what he said... does anyone know what they think he might have suggested??

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