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Or you can make something that could help others a lot. Since not many are good enough to know how to calculate positions out of a position, rotation and distance, (like me... ^^) a resource/script to calculate these things would help quite some people quite much! So people can make their gamemodes a bit more professional and add a lot of their ideas of which they'd originally think that it wouldn't be possible.

Suggestion for a function:

float,float,float calculatePosition(float x, float y, float z, float rotx, float roty, float rotz, float distance) 

Or something. Might not be hard, but it is to me! ^^

this work but i don't know how i would use the y rotation because this changes the z rotation. I don't know in which ways it changes. :(

the coordinates are not exactly correct because of rounding variables in lua script and its trigonometric functions

function calculatePosition3D(xOld, yOld, zOld, rx, ry, rz, distance) 
    local xNow,yNow,zNow 
    local a = math.cos(math.rad(rx))*distance 
    xNow = xOld - math.sin(math.rad(rz))*a 
    yNow = yOld + math.cos(math.rad(rz))*a 
    zNow = zOld + math.sqrt( distance^2 - a^2 ) 
    return xNow,yNow,zNow 

sry for my bad english :|

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