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cars blow up


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yes this happens to me to (but i am the only one on my server becuase i dont know how to get my server onto the server list) but i dont know how to chnage it so meassage me when you know.

EDIT: I shouldent have butted in your post, sorry man... answer on how to do it is below

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Rite, i have found the problem... becuase your using the 'Freeroam' script you need to go into your resources folder, (im geussing you know where that is) and go into the freeroam ZIP file named 'freeroam'. Once there open up the 'meta.XML' with notepad (you may need to cut and past that one file out of the ZIP folder to get into it with notepad) and go down to where it says: :arrowdown:

'give to themselves -->


and change the top value from 2 to any number (mabye higher) it just lets people spawn more vehicle without them disapearing which can be very good for when you want to, i dont know but its more fun, but be warned (oooh!) seting it too high can let people create LOADS and can cause serious LAG! :shock:

p.s before when i said take out the 'meta.XML' file to get into it with notepad, DONT REMEMBER TO PUT IT BACK IN... FOR GODS SAKE!

p.p.s i mean DONT FORGET! not dont remember!

EDIT: Also can you tell me how you got your server on the server list, but off you dont know thats ok

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hey joey i might be able to solve your issue about getting your sever on the list. if you got a linksys router all you have to do is enable dmz on your router and enter your ip address that you want to host the server on. i got a linksys wrt54g and i goto the applications and gaming tab then the dmz tab click enable then enter my ip address save the settings then thats it.

but of course thats me. 8)

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Thanks for your help but i dont have a lynxys so i have no idea what your on about lol. It dosent matter, ill look around on the web and eventually ill get it working, anyway i hope i helped you with your problem so tell me iff i did and iff not ill look around for you to.

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