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Car teleporting

Guest MiXeD

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I was driving around with a lowrider and got teleported to it's spawn location on the grove street right after someone jacked it. On there I was sitting above the car on a driving position and the one who jacked my car (admin) was still in it on the drivers side. Then I tried to jump down but all I did just spinned around in the air. It took only few seconds to get banned from the server because the admin thought I was using "airbreak". :|

I was using v1.0-dp2.

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Nah, i have noticed that a LOT in my server.

If you are in the drive by position, in say.. CTV, when you get the CTV car back to the base, the car despawns, and your just stuck... sitting in the air, with the gun out, only able to spin.

ive found that mashing the jump button usually gets out of this issue.

but still, the issue is there.

and dude, i would suggest going to the server you were banned in's forums, posting about it, and linking to this thread.

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