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I think it would be nice to add this functions to the scripting api of mta server/ some of them of course could be scripted , but i think is better to put them in the core for better performance. or , if this is possible, to put it realisation to mta client.

1. setObjectFixedForPlayer(player,object) - sets the object to move and rotate with player (Can be used for example in robber script , when player will stole some of stuff from flats), or for making some auras. etc..

2. onPlayerMadeDamageToPlayer(Player1,Player2,Weapon) - this callback can be used in RPG's(police informing on open fire), or in making special weapon abilities

(double damage, frozen effect, fire effect )

3. setWeaponDamageForPlayer(Player,Weapon) - simply sets the amount of damage dealt with the weapon by Player

4. i saw that its is able to set the blur for object, what is for setting blur and transperent with color?

5. setObjectAccelerationVector(Object\Car\Player,Vector) hmm, this function sets an acceleration to object , it can be used for example to make jump cars, speed boost pickups and etc..

its all for the moment.

want to listen ur answer. :wink:

ps. sry for my english.

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