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ok guys heres the blab

you only realy require gta vc but for leagal reasons you must have gta3

yes we are multiplayeer , this part wil be done by me and mta,

Also i am currently working on the main.scm for mta:vc so that gtawo has a multiplayer bit when ready.

the porting liberty city is going good not long left to go,

NOte : we are considering mapping new places to travel to aswell as liberty city, like a place in russia called hustleburg, the new maps will be done by [mvzb.so]TUXMAN and [mvzb.hhc]SHAFT,but we are not promiseing any thing yet .

Good news also ,a beta will be soon realeassed like in a month or 2 but not long :D

any other questions i will answer in this section only and will be deleted in the others

thanx guys

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