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Will the new MTA support patch 1.0.1?

Guest Kinseek

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The current MTA is explicit in its support of only 1.0. Will the new version move on to 1.01? Besides from the rather unintersting Hot Cofee stuff that was removed (who really cares either way?), there where some additional fixes too. In my case support for HDTV resolutions was added, which I find nice.

Also; I downloaded the San Andreas ReTexture 3 mod. Will retexturing mods be a bannable offence in MTA?

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As far as I'm aware, support for 1.01 hasn't been added. Hopefully that can be patched in a later release.

Re-texturing mods don't really do anything to give you an advantage but they will most likely conflict with MTA so it's recommended that you have a clean installation when you play. Just duplicate your San Andreas folder, install all of your single player mods to one folder and keep the other one clean for MTA.

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