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MTA DayZ Standalone Vanilla+ GLOBAL

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Advanced Base Building (In work)

Construct and customize your own fortified base with a wide range of building materials and structures.
Secure your loot with advanced security systems, including lockable doors and traps.

Realistic weather effects that impact your health and visibility. 
Advanced hunger, thirst that require careful management.
Crafting and repairing tools, weapons, and gear to stay alive.

A wide variety of weapons, from melee to high-powered rifles, with attachments and modifications.
Rare and powerful items hidden in dangerous locations.
Dynamic loot spawns that keep the game entertaining.
AI and Wildlife npc:

The original DayZ cars and some addons
Fuel management and vehicle repair.
Helicopters and boats for faster travel.

Detailed injury mechanics requiring bandages, splints, and medical supplies.
Diseases and infections that need to be treated with the right medication.
Advanced medical procedures for serious injuries.

Server-wide events, such as air drops, helicrashes and zombie hordes, to keep gameplay exciting.
Community and PvP:

Form teams with other players or squads.
Safe zones where you can trade and socialize without fear of attack.
Regular Updates and Community-friendly staff.





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