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MTA SA aimbot/wallhack mode.

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hello everybody , hope u r day is great

we're some players playing gamemode called tactics , noticed recently that there's some players became like wallhack and aimbot , i kept searching , found out that there's like 3 - 4 types of hacks , and i have one of them , wallhack , flying , blowing cars , aimbot , i can also give it to an admin of mta 

but i just need anykind of ready mode to protect my server from it , 

there's a small crack in the armor in that hack mode that if the player is on ' Fullscreen mode > standard ' the hack can't be applied , the game has to be bordless keep res or windowd or w/e 

so i need help as fast as possible and thanks.

so the mode that can protect that is kind of

get the player 'Fullscreen mode' settings if its not standard he gets kicked/ban from the server.

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