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ViperPyro's 6 Cool Maps

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Were they any good? (Overall)  

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Hey guys, these are my first three maps (Two races and a Deathmatch). I think they are pretty good but I'll leave that for everyone else to decide.

Super Hover Challenge


My first map that starts you as a hovercraft on top of the biggest building in the game. The map involves many vehicle changes, some insane air time in hovercrafts/cars/boats! Makes good use of custom content while still including some default GTA map stuff.

Double Arena Smash Bash


This map contains two small, conected arenas into one Deathmatch map. Ramps allow the Patriots to fly between arenas. Two repair icons are in plain sight, although can be tricky to obtain. 32 Spawnpoints allows for even large servers.

Desert Dash


Cool map starting at the desert runway but making it into the water near the docks. You fly out of the water and drive around a bit before finishing on the big cargo ship. My second map but i think it is pretty good.

Time to finish: ~4 minutes

Dodge or Die


A race that involves lots of criss-crossing between 5 runways situated in a star formation with three of them as ramps to add to the fun. There are many repair icons to stay alive, but watch out for the edges as most of them are left open to a 5000 foot fall. There are some cool jumps and stuff to make it more than just a plain old demolition race. It issituated into basically 3 laps that have sligtly different paths than each other. In ideal conditions(no other cars to ram you off the edge) it can take about 3 to 4 minutes.

Now a fifth and sixth map...

Big Hill http://www.center.mtasa.com/?p=race&r=4021

A cool map with the Monster that is basically 70% huge hill, 25% jumps, and 5% roadway. The hill is a mix of all types of rocks/grass/sand/trees/etc to make for a great off-road experience. Should support 32 players pretty well with the wide hill area. Hope it's fun!

Rock Slide


A cool map that has some large jumps and bouncing cars. Also includes some offroading in a Monster and a little normal driving in a Turismo. Not my personal favorite, but pretty good for sure.

Please tell me what you think after you try them out! :)

PS: Anyone know of a server where i can submit my maps and try them out with more than just me playing them and without waiting for my map to get chosen out of the hundred plus on most servers?

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