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hello mta community, I am looking for an experienced person who can take care of my server that has been active for 6 7 months,my terms are not compelling.

I will have 2 requests.
1. English speaking will be good.
2. he needs to show his activity

If you are confident about this, you can contact me via discord, I do not want financial support in any way, I just want you to take care of my server. ( [F2B]Shady#5809 )  
In our player community on discord you can chat on discord and encourage them to the server so we can gather more players.
when i browse the registration system on the server, at least 20 people log in per day.
I need to help the server, I can't do these on my own because I'm writing code on the one hand, I'm looking at the discord server on the other hand, I'm helping people on the MTA ForumSite.

contact me if you are confident.


best regards : [F2B]Shady

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