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sale of a game mode ended in scam

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First of all I use a translator

First of all, I am ClawSuit, scripter and developer of different gm's roleplay, including a public Life Steal, others that have not been brought to light and the most recent a multi-license gm acts to start creating your RP project with a well-structured base free of lag or common bug's, in short ...

About 2 months ago the user! 39ᴀᴀʀᴍ # 1965 together with the user Jʛker Ḷıƒe # 1236 <= usually uses many names ... currently that of discord. They propose to create a gm and such for their new version of Vendetta, in this case I had a 60% development of my gm; I proceed to finish it faster and sell to them, everything was well specified correctly, after 2 months, or a few days ago I started having problems with PayPal due to disputes or claims, obviously I gave all the information I could but hey it is not the first time who sees that paypal agrees with the scammer ... i'm losing roughly over $ 120 + considering the commissions x claims the money comes out of my pocket ... maybe it's an ital game, but schedule the time and hours for me is still a job.

I have evidence and even witnesses that the deal was successful.

Maybe they can do something, I do not know, however I leave you as an alert for those people who also sell scripts.

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