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Zombies glitch depending on server?


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Hello, i'm having a problem with my "bought" server and my own local server.

in my local server, zombies work fine, i modified the script, especially the zombie behavior, so here is the video of zombies in my local server vs the zombies in my bought server:

In my bought server,i used the zombie script which I modified that works FINE AS HELL in my own local server, But this time in my bought server it ended up the zombies going crazy and not attacking and chasing players, so I deleted that file and uploaded the default zombie script from MTA community resources, and their behavior ended up the same! how to fix this? I even reinstalled MTA server files to default in my bought server considering I thought if there's a script conflicting with the zombies resource but no! its still the same, why? Its just weird that this does not happen to my local server. Slothman? or anyone who has encountered this that knows how to fix? Thanks in advance. @Slothman

and server does not lag btw. If u want to check yourself how the zombies behave, just tell me and ill send u server IP to check.



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