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Map Editor not loading map, might have lost all my work. What am I doing wrong?


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Hey everyone! I think I've goofed up and I may have lost a years worth of work.

Currently working on a stunt/Freemode map. Have a lot of plans for the server. When I load Map Editor, it always used to take me straight to the map I was working on. The usual, loads in Grove Street in default map, brings a loading bar up and then automatically load the world I was working on.

When I go to load it now, I always end up staring at the default map and it won't load the one I was working on. If I go to the load icon at the top of the screen and try from there, I get on the bottom "Loaded in X amount of MS" but nothing loads.

I remember this happening years ago and completely lost everything and gave up. If that's happened again, I'm going to be gutted and again, give it up.

This happened about the 25th of last month if there's any chance of going into the files and backdating it?

I have not installed any plugins, mods or messed with any files or settings. Just edited the world on Map Editor. I have no experience in it yet so stayed well away from all of that side of things.

Could someone please tell me where I am going wrong or if I can get it back?

If OS is of any wonder, I'm running Windows 10.

Much appreciated!

Thanks =)

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