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ACL Button 2


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Hello guys, I don't know where the problem is in this code

I'm trying to make the button only for the ACL 'Admin'

The messages 'fail' and 'done' in server-side are working but the panel appears anyway


addEvent("trigger", true)
addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", getRootElement(), function()
		if (source == button[1]) then	
		triggerServerEvent("trigger", localPlayer)
		guiSetVisible(window[4], true)


addEvent("trigger", true)
function Test(plr)
	if (not isElement(plr)) then return end	
    if isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(source)), aclGetGroup("Admin")) then
	triggerClientEvent(plr, "trigger", plr)
return outputChatBox("fail") end
addEventHandler("trigger", root, Test)

any help please?

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1 hour ago, TorNix~|nR said:

I don't know where the problem is in this code

Without library, you have to use triggerClientEvent to send a message back. You can't use the return keyword to send data back.


"onClientGUIClick" > triggerServerEvent > isObjectInACLGroup...  > triggerClientEvent > guiSetVisible...




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