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5 hours ago, _Marco_ said:

Hello guys

is it possible to give a person access to a command?  


Syntax /givecommand [command] [playername]

Commands are set based on the Account Control List (ACL).
Admin panel does have an user interface to modify this, that can be found under resources: click on the right top to modify the ACL.


For creating the exact thing you want, modify the example on this page:



<right name="command.givecommand" access="true" />


<right name="command.YOUR COMMAND NAME" access="true" />

Note, this works only for Groups.

Else you will have to create something custom.


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2 hours ago, _Marco_ said:

If possible, send materials or training in this regard

Then here you are:




Database stuff etc. can be found on the wiki. Keep in mind that A-sync database requests with cancelled commands are not possible.



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1 hour ago, _Marco_ said:

Can you give me an example of how to do this?

local commandObject = {
	collection = {
		["fly"] = true
	playerAccess = {
		["<playerserial>"] = { -- put your serial in here.
			["fly"] = true

addEventHandler("onPlayerCommand", root,
		if commandObject.collection[command] then
			local serial = getPlayerSerial(source)
			local playerAccess = commandObject.playerAccess[serial]
			if playerAccess and playerAccess[command] then




1 hour ago, _Marco_ said:

How to give a command to a multiplexer so that it is stored in the database?

I am not going to teach you stuff that is beyond your current level, for obvious reasons.

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