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I can play MTA normally before but i haven't played for a while

Now when i click "start game" an error window just came out saying "0x4620706C"

I re-installed and re-installed and re-installed and re-installed but it still WONT WORK!! :evil:

someone help plz

EDIT: Now i can start the game but just when the pink loading bar reaches the end i poped out and the client says "Disconnected: Suspected trainer usage. (Delay = 10 sec)" with the error reporter tool out.

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MTA says you have a trainer but you don't

Try closing every other open window first. If that doesn't work, try uninstalling, then reinstalling MTA 0.5 again. It has also been reported that changing game version from 1.0 to 1.1 (vice city) can fix this, though we're not sure why - we're looking into it. Further Update: All the error reports that have come in about this are using Vice City 1.0. Try updating to 1.1.

Update: It has been reported that "Kaspersky Anti Hacker" can set off this error. We advise that you close "Kaspersky Anti Hacker" if you wish to play MTA 0.5.

This is from the known issues thread. Perhaps it could be some help for the trainer problem.

Did you play VC in single player (for a few minutes) before installing a new fresh installation?

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Did you play VC in single player (for a few minutes) before installing a new fresh installation?

Do you mean that i have to play for a few minutes everytime when i re-install the MTA?

and what is the kaspersky ati hacker thingo? and i am using VC1.1 with the MTA client setted to 1.1.

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It is recommended that you play VC in single player for a few minutes before installing a new fresh installation, after a while without playing MTA or if your going to play the mod for the first time etc.

what is the kaspersky ati hacker thingo?

This is a problem which can cause errors to occur at times. It is mentioned in the known issues thread, obviously thats only if you have the program installed on your computer. Its advised to turn the program off while playing MTA.

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Now my MTA sometimes works and sometimes not. But now, it doesn't work AT ALL.

I click start game, the screen goes black, and then i poped out to windows screen. And then i tred to play VC single player, but it does the same thing as the mta, i double click the icon, the screen goes black for a while, then pop back out!! What is wrong with them!?!?

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