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10 Years Going Strong!!!

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It has been a long, rough ten years that Project Redivivus has been in existence, and no doubt it has not been easy for us at all. Still, through perseverance, our team has managed to continuously develop something special that has held so dear to everyone's hearts for a very long time. Despite financial and developmental hardships, and the constant gain and loss of those who we call part of our team, it has not stopped us from working toward a brighter future for these mods that we care so much about. We are here, we are still working hard, and we will continue to reach our goals to ensure that you have the opportunity to make more memories playing the game mods that you enjoy.

Now on the note of what I know everyone is dying to hear about: No, we are not done with 0.6 yet. I know this has been stalled for a very long time, and I wholeheartedly apologize. We have run into many issues throughout the years, which have only been made worse by heavy losses to our development team as people get older, get jobs, and move on with their lives. Despite this, we still have not given up, and we are closer to a release now than ever before. 0.6 Nightly 2 is on the verge of being made available, and this may very well be the final pre-development nightly before we move on to the next stage of stabilizing our development. The biggest thing holding us back right now are certain, specific key issues, bugs, and incomplete promised features that we feel are necessary for public use, as well as required to properly release a version that users can test for us. That being said, we are still constantly seeking out qualified, willing, trustworthy development team members that can help Project Redivivus breathe new life into our beloved Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City versions of Multi Theft Auto.

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Happy Birthday PR!

I don't know If I can say more than what Sugar said. But here is it, 10 years of PR development that I was only in 5% of it. The mod is going good but as Sugar said the life is hard and making the development process so slow as example I have my senior year this year. About the mod: It's going well it became more stable we have fixed many bugs we may not added very large-scale features and some bugs that we can't fix because of the core is old and based on system the makes fixing it not possible. We have some planned features and bugs to fix, but I always say to Sugar that the mod is good to release and then we move to the new core but he refuses xD , I think it's part of the agreement of MTA with PR or something like that.

But what I want to say is, never give up on the old school MTA! I always wanted to play this mod but I was born earlier so I was so young during MTA VC/3 Golden Era, I hope this project will never die.


The newest and youngest developer in PR Team,


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