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clan panel


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Create Gui 

Create Girldlist 

add row  (clan name , memebrs , kills , leader)

two method to show them

1/ From your database ('SELECT FROM..

2/ Form settings (ElementData)

Try to learn more lua because no one can help you for free 


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-------------------------------------------------------- i cant help more then this sorry i dont know lines of other scriptes ...........
galaxy = guiCreateWindow (x,y,w,h,false)

Exx = guiCreateGridList (x,y,w,h,false,galaxy)

guiGridListAddColumn(Exx ,"Name",0.2)
  guiGridListAddColumn(Exx ,"Clan",0.2)
  guiGridListAddColumn(Exx ,"Exp",0.4)
  guiGridListAddColumn(Exx ,"status",0.2)

  guiGridListAddColumn(Exx ,"kills",0.2)

local row = guiGridListAddRow(Exx)

for _, player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do

   guiGridListSetItemText(Exx ,row,1,player,false, false )
     guiGridListSetItemText(Exx,row,2,here Clan player,false, false )
  ---------- and same for others Exp and leader and status kust follow orders of rows

i dont know about you Settings Clan and Exp  and Rank clan because i dont know the lines of your Scriptes any why 

use (exports ) to get player Clan or use ElementData if exisit ..

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i have a little problem . i want only who got rank.leader & username of player that is added on client is allowed to add / kick / promote / demote 

function toggleClanControl( source )
if(getElementsByType("player")) then
    if not guiGetVisible( Clan.Window[1] ) then
        showCursor ( true )
        guiSetVisible( Clan.Window[1], true )
        guiGridListClear ( Clan.Gridlist[1] )
        if ( column ) then
            guiGridListClear ( Clan.Gridlist[1] )
            for _,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("player"))do
                local row = guiGridListAddRow(Clan.Gridlist[1])
                local playerName = getPlayerName(v)
        if getElementData(localPlayer, "clan.rank") == "leader" or getElementData(localPlayer, "player.key") == "Galaxy" then
            guiSetEnabled(Clan.Button[1], true) --Add
            guiSetEnabled(Clan.Button[2], true) --Kick
            guiSetEnabled(Clan.Button[3], true) --promote
            guiSetEnabled(Clan.Button[4], true) --demote
            guiSetEnabled(Clan.Button[1], false)
            guiSetEnabled(Clan.Button[2], false)
            guiSetEnabled(Clan.Button[3], false) --promote
            guiSetEnabled(Clan.Button[4], false) --demote
        showCursor ( false )
        guiSetVisible( Clan.Window[1], false )
bindKey( "H", "down", toggleClanControl )
addCommandHandler("clan", toggleClanControl)


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