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[Fun-Gamemode] Neon-Carball [ENG/International]

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I want to present you the server Neon-Carball, a gamemode of Neon-Multigaming.

Neon Multigaming is a clan which was founded many years ago. First it included a lot of gamemodes like Deathmatch, Race and also Carball, but as Carball was one of the most popular gamemodes we splitted Carball to an own server.

What are you doing in carball?

Carball is a unique gamemode, it allows players to play Football with their Sandkings. The most common match styles are 2v2 on 9 minutes and 3v3 on 15 minutes. First the players started only playing for fun but after some time the first players started to form "clubs" which are mostly between 4 and 5 players. The reason behind this is to perform at tournaments which are made in regular intervals. Our community is quite small at the moment but also familiar, we share a skype group together and have a great time together.

What makes Carball unique?

> A completely unique gamemode <

> A very familiar community <

> Players can form clubs with friends to participate at tournaments for fun <

> Every player gets his own carballer-card like in FIFA which can grow or fall down <

Wanna see some media stuff?


> some player-cards <


> some clubs <


> some videos <



Some links?

Our homepage: http://forum.neon-gaming.de/

Our server link: mtasa://


Last words:

I hope i could have aroused your interest and see ya on the pitch :).


Best regards




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