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i can't play the godamn mode even if i click send button zillion times! nothing will happen, i tried every single server and none work! so sh!t ! im realy pissed cause i only got to play 2 games after blokker sent me a win98 fix to try, it worked :D but both games was laggy/empty/no response of any players :evil: and they was walking in walls and shit! even half of someone's car went in the wall and started doing some mad stuff! one mafia car was bouncing like it was on a bouncy castle! and i kept running this guy over, he doesn't even turn around! he kept walking forwards till a dead end , and i kept pulling this guy out of the car and he *poof* comes back in?!! :shock:

anyway someone tell me what is going on and why isn't my gta3mta connecting to any server at all! :?:

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