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passing a player in triggerServerEvent


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I want to pass the Client-player with the function triggerServerEvent (for example to trigger an event and ONLY the client triggered the event so that ONLY HE would receive a message) and this is how i would do it:

triggerServerEvent("blabla", localPlayer, bla)

But MTA-wiki says the following sentence: Warning: You should use the global variable client serverside instead of passing the localPlayer by parameter or source. Otherwise event faking (passing another player instead of the localPlayer) would be possible. 

So I assume, that I shouldn't do it the way I just posted above, but I have no clue what they mean by this sentence and how else I should do it then..

Could anyone explain this WITH an example?

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ohhh wow that was simple :D thank you very much :)

I didn't get it cause in the example script it said "the predefined variable 'client' points to the player who triggered the event and should be used due to security issues"

And this made me wonder about how to "predefine" it :D


Another question:    HOW can anyone fake an event (in case we passed localPlayer)? How does this work?

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