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[LF] NFS:SA server - New Developers Wanted (Scripter and Modeller) [NON-PAID]

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About Me:

Hello, i am "bamers". I have been playing on MTA since last year's July, so i am already familiar with this MTA official forum. The only server that I have been spending my time on is NFS:SA, a racing server that mostly affected by NFS UG and UG2. However, i was just a reader until just now, i created my account here, in order to help my beloved server since the current developers are in not good condition as before in making new updates for the server.


My request/offers:

So, take it briefly, now NFS:SA server is in need of new developer(s) that will fill the position of Scripter and/or Modeller. 

You guys are free to choose which one to apply, thats already the best we can get.

Since the requirements and some other details in applying the positions are already written and posted in the official NFS:SA forum, I will just direct you to the page which you can find here:



Thank you for your attention!

Wish you all good days!!!

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