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Zombie Hell Party 
Ready for war ? so different from all the servers you know so far, Best ExpSystem , level system , Bosses , zombies , special vehicles, Official Factions, VIP system , Area51 , survival ,rank system and more !

Commands /grab   you can grab on mavetric
/kill it kills you
/drop to let go when you are hanging
/ask to ask online admins a question
/admin to see what admins online
/report to report player and give a reason for doing so.
/vipmenu to open up the vip panel
/kiss name to kiss a member eg. /kiss nightshade
/brofist name to send a brofist eg. /brofist nightshade



Join Now....!


Server IP:
IP : mtasa://

Facebook pages: 


Discord instant invite:
Discord Invite Link


please reply to me if you have any questions !

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Cool server, I played on it a bit had fun killing zs. They also got some graphics enhancement stuff as well like blur effects,  depth in field, a very scary night mode and stuff. Overall I am saying you will like it if you're willing to give it a whirl. 

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