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[LF] Looking for Good Scripter [Paid/Non-Paid]

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So my name is Dziugas i am 16years old. And i live in Lithuania it's near Poland and Baltic Sea. I always liked to play video games my first games was Mafia The city of Lost Heaven and Grand Theft Auto San San Andreas. I started creating server 6months ago from scratch with my friend Skardine aka Skarbonke and without him i wouldn't think of ideas that he suggested to me. (Edit)

So now let's talk about what i want. So my gamemode Black-Room is gangwar/freeroam first of all i want Gang and Turf system gang creation gui is basically Gang name,Tag,Color in (r,g,b), skin to create it you need 30millions when you create you get Founder status in gang on scoreboard it would show [GANG] Grove Street for example and your name would be [Tag]Name and you can /gang it would show window with members and in bottom invite / remove and gang has 7ranks 6th is Vice President max 2members 5,4,3 can be called randomly 2nd is Member 1st Trial You can set rank with /setrank (Player) rank player has to be online and now let's talk about gang bases and turfs only members that was in gang for 12hour or longer can take turfs/bases and it would be 3bases or more in each city and ~40turfs bigger turf more people needs to be in it. GANG bases when gang takes base it gets 6hour protection if you stole from another gang base it gets 12hour same with turfs after you take base you can enter /gang it would show window with gang cars and gang guns you could buy them with money gained from  deposits or money gained from turfs (the larger turf = more money) all turfs would give 4millions/hour. Gang cars would have 100lives they would decrease only if they are out of the base when they explodes guns are similar but it's every spawn and count of guns would be diffrent for example 2000ak for 10mil 1500m4 for 20mil or rocket launcher 100 for 500mil.In gang base somewhere it would be marker with gang information like members,turfs owned, money from turfs at bottom there would be 2buttons Guns where you could select guns that you want spawn with it checkboxes and money deposit.Now let's talk more about turfs as said before only members that was in gang for 12hours and there would be 2people zones(4turfs very small) 3people(about 21turfs)4poeple(10turfs) and 5people zones(5turfs very large). Gangs/turfs would be saved in MySQL or SQlite databases!

Next thing is called spawn guns it's system in MySql or SQlite where you buy guns and they stay in you account for 1year for example 25sniper bullets 2millions.

Spawn point system for gangs in their bases or in random turf for professions in their spawnpoints and every person would have 30sec protection from damage if he shoots player protection instanly breaks. And every profession would have it's advantages for example Sniper if he stays in same place he would dissapear from radar or map.

House and Garage system so i have car system and i would want to link it with Garage system  for example there would be 10 Garage levels if you don't have garage max cars would be 5cars 10level Garage max 50cars every garage level up would cost Level 1 25mil, 2nd 50mil, 3rd 75mil, 4th 100mil, 5th 125mil, 6th 150mil, 7th 175mil, 8th 200mil, 9th 225mil,10th 250mil if player has house he can upgrade garage to Level 10 if not just to 3. Now let's talk about House system once i found system that i would like but i can't connect it to mysql link is https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=5228 i want that you would link this house system to garage system.

And if there's anyone that could script it for free it would be very nice.

I can pay by giving my whole gamemode with maps or buying game like CS GO

REQUIREMENTS: Scripts has to be uncompiled that i could edit things, It should be good quality, No secret things.

NOTE: For additional information PM me! And if you can help me with connection to MySQL server i tried but it shows error that it can't connect.

Sorry for mistakes in my words etc.

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