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  1. Yeah, it's it, thanks again Patrick
  2. srslyyyy

    Effect name

    Hey. I need to make effect on player hit, but i don't know how this effect it's called. Or it's multiple effects used?
  3. Looks like both of this eliminated error, before it wasn't working due of my mistake. If something will change i will notice. Thank you very much.
  4. Hey, it's me again and i have another questions. 1. How can i make something like blood splash when player get hit, and after 150~ ms it should disappear. 2. Is there a way to replace standard effect from GTA on custom? F.e blood splash above.
  5. Hey, i need to scale weapon [which is custom object] in hands. Any ideas how can i do it?
  6. After: bone_attach\attach_func.lua:119: bad argument #1 to 'status' (coroutine expected) [DUP x2]
  7. Hey, i have noticed a problem with that event. Weapons which cause explosions, for example: 51, 19, as topic say execute 1-4 times. Any idea how to fix it? Another question associated with this, it's possible/worth to move damage system (functions) on server side? It happens mostly with car explosion, example function below. function damage(attacker, weapon, bodypart, loss) cancelEvent() outputChatBox(weapon) end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerDamage", getLocalPlayer(), damage)
  8. Hey, as the topic say, i need idea how to make something like this: custom effect which will follow bullet to the hitposition and after it, it will disappear. F.e bullet tracer or plasma effect.
  9. I'll try it out soon and i give you answer if it works, thank you.
  10. Any idea how to fix this ? bone_attach/attach_func.lua:117: cannot resume dead coroutine [string "?"] [DUP x5] attached_ped = {} attached_bone = {} attached_x = {} attached_y = {} attached_z = {} attached_rx = {} attached_ry = {} attached_rz = {} function attachElementToBone(element,ped,bone,x,y,z,rx,ry,rz) if not (isElement(element) and isElement(ped)) then return false end if getElementType(ped) ~= "ped" and getElementType(ped) ~= "player" then return false end bone = tonumber(bone) if not bone or bone < 1 or bone > 20 then return false end x,y,z,rx,ry,rz = tonumber(x) or 0,tonumber(y) or 0,tonumber(z) or 0,tonumber(rx) or 0,tonumber(ry) or 0,tonumber(rz) or 0 attached_ped[element] = ped attached_bone[element] = bone attached_x[element] = x attached_y[element] = y attached_z[element] = z attached_rx[element] = rx attached_ry[element] = ry attached_rz[element] = rz if setElementCollisionsEnabled then setElementCollisionsEnabled(element,false) end if script_serverside then triggerClientEvent("boneAttach_attach",root,element,ped,bone,x,y,z,rx,ry,rz) end return true end function detachElementFromBone(element) if not element then return false end if not attached_ped[element] then return false end clearAttachmentData(element) if setElementCollisionsEnabled then setElementCollisionsEnabled(element,true) end if script_serverside then triggerClientEvent("boneAttach_detach",root,element) end return true end function isElementAttachedToBone(element) if not element then return false end return isElement(attached_ped[element]) end function getElementBoneAttachmentDetails(element) if not isElementAttachedToBone(element) then return false end return attached_ped[element],attached_bone[element], attached_x[element],attached_y[element],attached_z[element], attached_rx[element],attached_ry[element],attached_rz[element] end function setElementBonePositionOffset(element,x,y,z) local ped,bone,ox,oy,oz,rx,ry,rz = getElementBoneAttachmentDetails(element) if not ped then return false end return attachElementToBone(element,ped,bone,x,y,z,rx,ry,rz) end function setElementBoneRotationOffset(element,rx,ry,rz) local ped,bone,x,y,z,ox,oy,oz = getElementBoneAttachmentDetails(element) if not ped then return false end return attachElementToBone(element,ped,bone,x,y,z,rx,ry,rz) end if not script_serverside then function getBonePositionAndRotation(ped,bone) bone = tonumber(bone) if not bone or bone < 1 or bone > 20 then return false end if not isElement(ped) then return false end if getElementType(ped) ~= "player" and getElementType(ped) ~= "ped" then return false end if not isElementStreamedIn(ped) then return false end local x,y,z = getPedBonePosition(ped,bone_0[bone]) local rx,ry,rz = getEulerAnglesFromMatrix(getBoneMatrix(ped,bone)) return x,y,z,rx,ry,rz end end ------------------------------------ function clearAttachmentData(element) attached_ped[element] = nil attached_bone[element] = nil attached_x[element] = nil attached_y[element] = nil attached_z[element] = nil attached_rx[element] = nil attached_ry[element] = nil attached_rz[element] = nil end function forgetDestroyedElements() if not attached_ped[source] then return end clearAttachmentData(source) end addEventHandler(script_serverside and "onElementDestroy" or "onClientElementDestroy",root,forgetDestroyedElements) function forgetNonExistingPeds() local checkedcount = 0 while true do for element,ped in pairs(attached_ped) do if not isElement(ped) then clearAttachmentData(element) end checkedcount = checkedcount+1 if checkedcount >= 1000 then coroutine.yield() checkedcount = 0 end end coroutine.yield() end end clearing_nonexisting_peds = coroutine.create(forgetNonExistingPeds) setTimer(function() coroutine.resume(clearing_nonexisting_peds) end,1000,0) -- line 117
  11. I need something like unique timer for each car, because on server players spawn a lot of cars, and f.e if player leave a car with id 411 it set up a timer which should destroy vehicle if noone was inside, after X seconds. However if player spawn 2 same vehicles there's a problem with the timer, as i said above one vehicle will disappear and other not.
  12. with function createVehicle(model, x,y,z, rz) - standard from DayZ
  13. Well i wanna fix the timer. For now if u spawn another or same car while timer is running, another vehicle don't blow up. Only the last which was used.
  14. function onPlayerExitDayzVehicle(veh, seat) if isVehicleBlown(veh) then return end if isTimer(vehTimer) then return end if not isVehicleEmpty(veh) then return end local vehTimer = setTimer(function () local col = getElementData(veh, "parent") if col then setElementData(veh, "vehicle:station", 0) setElementPosition(veh, 2490.99316, -1666.45313, 13.34375) blowVehicle(veh, false) end end, 20000, 1) end if seat == 0 then setVehicleEngineState(veh, false) unbindKey(source, "k", "down", setEngineState) unbindKey(source, "l", "down", consoleVehicleLights) end addEventHandler("onPlayerVehicleExit", getRootElement(), onPlayerExitDayzVehicle)
  15. Hey, i have a problem. When player leave from vehicle, timer starts and after it blow vehicle. My problem is that if i spawn 2 cars with same ID, one of them will explode, and another one will stay in a place. So my question is how to do one or more timer for the same ID cars, because i don't have any idea.
  16. Hey. I have one big problem. Well i want to do something like, if we loss a lot of HP, then our screen will change colors, starting from minimal color changes, ends at this almost blackwhite screen. I wanna do similar thing as one MTA server have. Unfortunately i know nothing about using .fx files. So here i have 4 files, first it's script which use it, original blackwhite.fx and modified one and also grayscale.fx maybe it should help with something but i am not sure about it.
  17. So it's the only way to detect bullets?
  18. Hey, does something like "bullets" colshape exists in MTA? I'm asking because i have function which bypass players and i don't know how to make that this function will avoid bullets.
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