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dbConnection in use warning?


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So, friend of mine got this error: Picture

He was like: dbConnection was in use, this is why it happened, but i was like: thats impossible, so this is why i ask you guys.

btw: This is just a question, and i dont need a script-fix for is, just an answer about it.Thx in advance.


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The variable that contains the database connection is nil, as simple as that. If this variable contains a nil value, you should cancel the event onResourceStart so the resource doesn't start. Without database connection / database the script wouldn't be working correctly in most cases.


Here is where the script probably failed to connect:



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No, you misunderstand me, he had a resource called mtd_database, this is where he called dbConnectionm and then, he just exported the getConnection() function,it worked totally fine, but then he got this warning, do you understand me now?

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I didn't misunderstand you, you just did forget half of the information so I couldn't understand you.

There are so many ways why this might fail and give the exact same error, at the moment I can only guess.


  • He should try to use the call function instead of exports to insure that the export arguments are successfully transferred.
  • He should learn to debug his code properly, not just waiting for errors and warnings to show up.
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