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Crashing out when custom model loads.


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I have made a custom model. If I load the model in and I am in the area of its engineSetModelLODDistance then my MTA always crashes out. What do I do? I do the modeling and everything with this tutorial: 



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Sorry for the late reply, I just saw your topic and since I have some knowledge of custom models I thought I could help you.

First I will have to know some more details:

  • Does the model load/work without the LOD?
  • Does your model have textures? if so, how many and how big is the filesize of each texture?
  • What SA model did you replace your custom model with?
  • How large is your model? is it small like a house or large like a mountain?
  • How many Polygons/Tris does your model have? models above 30k-35k+ tris tend to crash.
  • Can you provide me with a picture of your model in 3DSMAX (or whatever program you modelled it with) 
    • Take the pictures in Wireframe mode (F4)
    • Try to get various angles of the model, perhaps something could be wrong with the model itself.

Let me know those details so I have more information to work with and perhaps solve your problem ;)


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