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[Request] Porting Skygfx PS2 Graphics mod to MTA

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As ps2 gta sa graphics fan as I am, I am really enjoying playing with SkyGFX mod in singleplayer. So I've tried to run it with MTA and ofcourse I can't cause of ASI scripts.

Is there a way for porting at least a half of this mod like original orange color scheme I'll be happy, every pseudo ps2 timecyc mod and ENB's I have tried are nothing in comparison with original PS2 San Andreas post processing technique used in SkyGfx.

Looking at how many players are enjoying original post-process effects in PC version, I think it will be very well received.

Here is this mod, if you want to look at it: http://gtaforums.com/topic/750681-skygfx-ps2-and-xbox-graphics-for-pc/


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I'm also love SKYGFX project,I think that's how MTA & San andreas should looks by default. actually it's possible for some part of the effect, like colour filters & some rendering pipelines. btw I'm working on porting this to the MTA, hopefully can get it done in future

here are some screens:

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