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Why output the text to everyone the outputChatBox?


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function coronaa(hitElement)
  if hitElement == localPlayer then
  	triggerServerEvent ("szoveg", localPlayer) -- set the source of the event as the localPlayer.
addEventHandler ( "onClientMarkerHit", ajtomegilyenek, coronaa )

addEvent( "szoveg", true ) 
addEventHandler( "szoveg", root,
    outputChatBox("Sup bruh?", source, r,g,b, true) -- usese the source of the event.

-- Or jsut keep it client side unless u got other functions...

function coronaa()
  outputChatBox("Sup bruh?", r,g,b, true)
addEventHandler ( "onClientMarkerHit", ajtomegilyenek, coronaa )


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