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Open Source Roleplay Resource Pack

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Open Source Roleplay

Hi there.

As most of you know there aren't many strict roleplay servers on Multi Theft Auto for various reasons; one of the main reasons being that there aren't any roleplay resources out there for one to download and create a server, so people resort to using leaked roleplay scripts from previously hacked servers, which results in DDoS wars, hacking, revenge, servers getting taken down, and so on. In the end, only one server stays up and that is the one and only OwlGaming that has been around since 2014. Ofcourse you can find old and outdated roleplay scripts on the internet that you could use for your server for example vG and uG scripts. But there's no point in using those since they're old, malfunction and players dislike them.

For a long time no one has ever decided to work publicly on an open source roleplay resource pack. I think if we want MTA to evolve it should be time that we all unite and get our hands on some RP scripts that anyone can download and make a server with. You may ask: wouldn't this mean there'd be tons of identical roleplay servers out there? There would, but that's actually the point. If we want MTA to grow and attract more players to it this is the solution: allow people to create their own rolpeplay servers legally without using any stolen scripts.  This thread is a suggestion and its intention is to discuss this matter and maybe gather scripters to create this unique Open Source Roleplay resource pack for the community to use.

It doesn't need to be super high quality and detailed. It should contain the basic scripts that allow roleplay to take place. For those that are not very familiar with it let me list some down:

 • Account System
 • Login Panel
 • Tutorial
 • Vehicle System
 • Property/Interior System
 • Bank/Currency System
 • Inventory System
 • Faction System
 • Elevator System
 • Faction System
 • Gate System
 • Fuel System
 • Chat System
 • GPS Sytem | Map Blips
 • Help System
 • Admin System
 • Radio System
 • Phone System
 • Donation System
 • Event System


Let's end the suffering, the DDoS wars, the hacking, the leaked scripts and let's all join together and create the best roleplay scripts out there! It won't take long to make and it won't require a lot of effort if done in a large team of contributors. And thanks to MTA's almost non-existing scripting limitatios we can beat SAMP in this!


Leave your opinion and comment below.

Cheers. <3

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Even if someone was to create something "basic" (for which there's absolutely no need as Paradise script kinda does the job for a "basic" script) people will still go for oG scripts as they'll have more features.

Not to add how long creating a RP script actually takes to even bother making it an open source project to end up having someone that probably can't even roleplay properly and is just opening it for the fancy admin commands he can access using the script.

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

You've got your publicity here, the one thing left to do is create a GitHub repo and set up some sort of QA for PR's. Also it's recommended to let more experienced (handpicked or yourself) scripters write the core of the gamemode (or the best initial commit PR), as it's vital for future integrations and everyone works based off it.

I assure you anyone interested after reading this topic will come create PR's and contribute, if only they had a reference point where to start.

I personally think this idea has potential, good luck.

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