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SERVER PASSWORD = humanworld


Someone asked me earlier... seeing as most missions are just for fun,  I'd say my place is ROLEPLAY. NO RULES for regular players. You'd think that wouldn't work but we simply over power the cops, and neutralize the hackers with funny scripts.

If i get enough donations I'll put the server's files on MTA community. Plenty of strangers and freaks to meet here, even if the server is empty, I've created strangers at several ? symbols everywhere including: Sweet, GTA SA myth series people. and plenty serial killers and fraudulent workers to mess with including cops., I've added jobs, and un-balenced them, and plenty more. I un-balanced the jobs because who wants to work? We are here for FUN not working for in-game cash. (We are new and just starting, so pardon me if the server has no one online!) Watch out for parked cop cars,  Player cops can attach their vehicle to yours, then speed-cam ticket you. We have bases for Groups Turfing, selling drugs via a marker around ur player, We have Aliens, alien missions, ufo's and alien events. We have added a Jesus ped that can make you fly, and plenty more! The strangers and freaks include but are not limited to: The grim reaper, ISIS attacks, Racist country hicks, Cannibals, Insurance fruaders, Mountain freaks, store robbers, drug dealers, Off duty Cops, and aliens with gravity guns. Each ? is a different random event.  Take the tutorial at the beach to get FREE starting money!!!

My youtube account RAW VIDEO:

NOTE: this video was before the major updates. This was last year. Last BIG update March/1/2017 when I uploaded all my offline mods to the server. and the Latest update was: April/14/2017 From now on I'll upload mods to MTA community, or my website humanworld.enjin.com(When it's online.), so that I may give back to the community! I use my website because it's easier to upload all my files at once, and just let you go through them.

EXCLUSIVE CHEAT CODE ONLY FOR MTA FORUMS: /hang10forfree = free flying surf board. xD   

Please do not hand out cheat codes to other players. It is very rude, and ruins the game.  NORMAL players must pay $25k at the beach for a surf board.


Search for "HUMAN WORLD" in the in-game master server list. IF there's a password, it's 'humanworld' say Shamont sent you!





before you reply to this topic... just know.... I don't care!

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On 3/19/2017 at 02:15, SuperCroz said:

You are crazy!

All that would be cool if it was just true. But I think just like all other servers, When I enter it will be empty not even those peds you talking about will exist.

You sir, have not joined I see. I'm a better scripter then the legendary Arran Fortuna, I laugh at CrystalMV and I blow my nose with saur tishues! hahah jk no offense to those awesome servers. But join for once, we may live on opposite side of the earth. Your awake while we sleep. Go to grove street to see sweet, and his goons. Go to mount chilliad and find the UFO at the mystery symbol '?'. it takes you to the girl you talk to to receive alien skin and powers.

and NEVER insult my skills again. Your Faith is so low that you curse a server before you even try it. You sir. are one sad person.

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On 2017-03-19 at 10:15, SuperCroz said:

You are crazy!

All that would be cool if it was just true. But I think just like all other servers, When I enter it will be empty not even those peds you talking about will exist.

Quack quack, as far as I understand it's based on these scripts so you can be sure all those crazy stuff does exist. Shamont's work apparently became an inspiration for stuff like this too, at least if you can believe the comments in that video:

So to summarize, it's a great server that definitely deserves more players. Good luck!

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On 3/28/2017 at 11:25, SuperCroz said:

The server is offline.

Read the bottom of this page's post! 


It says: BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE HUMAN WORLD SERVER! If it's not up, i'm offline working on scripts and can not watch the server. I have trust problems with staff because the few people I did give staff,  start enforcing random rules on players, rules that do not exist.. They obviously did not read the staff agreement. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qkug8fmavdcgk0d/STAFF AGREEMENT.txt?dl=1

Raw IP:


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