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Hello guys!

My question is that how downloading works? 

So, when i join to a server and this is my first connection so i have to download everything. When will any resource start? When all full download is complet or when one resource is downloaded?

Second thing is this is not my first join to the server (or i interrupter the download first time and it needs to continue) but i have a few file but there are new resources or need to update. Then will my downloaded resources start or it wait until all download complet?

I'm asking this because i have a lot of exported function and i don't want any bug because the resource is not avaible yet.

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Maybe i did't express my self correctly but i know that. The question is about when will be the resource loaded if i join to a server? After everything downloaded or if a resource is completly downloaded then it starts immediatly (doesn't wait for the other resource to be complet).

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AFAIK you can't do this in mtaserver.conf, but in the meta of the resource you want to change priority. Also (still as far i know) there are actually only 3 queues: <0, 0 >0. So if i have 5 resources with priority 90, 1, 0, 0 i will have the first 2 (90,1) in the "high" priority queue, and the 3rd and 4th (0,0) in the "normal". When the 1st and the 2nd are downloaded, they are started. Then the 3rd and the 4th will be downloaded and then started.


18 minutes ago, dugasz1 said:

server side start priority

What do you mean?

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Oky it looks like i get it now :D So there are 3 queues (high,normal,low) and the MTA will download it by in order by groups first high then normal then low and every time when a group is ready it start every resource in that group. If i get it right? So if i put all my resource in 0 group then mta will download them all then begin to start them resource by resource ?

But what is the order in the groups? I made a few test now and it looks like it depends on the start order. Which order did you say that start resourcename, MTA saves it and the same order will be applyed in client side too.

So if in the mtaserver.conf first you auto started mysql then you autostarted account then mysql will start first then account. (On client side in the same order)

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13 hours ago, dugasz1 said:

But what is the order in the groups?

It doesn't matter, as long as you have the right meta.xml.

Example: we have 2 resources, resA and resB. ResB require resA to be running, as it uses some exported functions from resA in it. The meta of resB has the line 

<include resource="resA" />

[13:40:01] start: Requested by Console
[13:40:01] Starting resB
[13:40:01] Starting resA
[13:40:01] start: Resource 'resB' started


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