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outputTextBox variables


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Hello! I want to make a script, which would make my days more confortable while writing scripts into mtaserver.conf, by a very simple outputchatbox script, but i have no idea how to fix this.

function mtaserverconf(thePlayer, cmd, variable)
local startup = "1"
local protected = "0"
outputChatBox ("<resource src="..tostring(variable).." startup="..startup.." protected="..protected.." />", thePlayer)
addCommandHandler ("m", mtaserverconf)

The problem is:
If i type in m asd it would display the following:

<resource src=asd startup=1 protected=0 />               <!--this is a bad syntax, there are missing symbols-->
<resource src="asd" startup="1" protected="0" />        <!-- this is a good one-->

Can somebody help me to make this possible?

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