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outputChatBox problem

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I have a problem with the visibility of outputChatBox. So it's part of a GUI. You press the button on the GUI, it sends the command to the server, the server checks if you have the money for the stuff and if you have, you got a fancy new weapon, but if you don't, the server triggers a clientside event, wich outputs the message, that you don't have enough money. The problem is, that the message, that warns you, that you don't have the money, appears for every online player.


function nomoney()
outputChatBox("Nincs rá pénzed.")
addEvent("nomoney", true)
addEventHandler("nomoney", resourceRoot, nomoney)


function Deagleb()
money = getPlayerMoney(client)
	if money>=100 then
	setPlayerMoney(client, money-100)
	giveWeapon(client, 24, 14, true)
	triggerClientEvent("nomoney", resourceRoot)
addEvent("Deagle", true)
addEventHandler("Deagle", resourceRoot, Deagleb)

Thanks for the help.

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Instead of triggering a client event which is very inefficient in this situation in the "else" section you can just put the outputChatBox message there and set it visible only to the client so that line 7 would be something like:

outputChatBox ("yourmesaage",client)


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