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changer problem


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Here is the script:

local con = exports.mta_connection:getConnection()
local got = false
function ppadd(player, pp)
    if got  == false then
        local pp = tonumber(pp)    
            local oldPP = getElementData(player, "char:pp") 
            local sql = dbExec(con, "UPDATE characters SET premiumpont='".. oldPP .. "' WHERE id='" .. getElementData(player, "char:id") .. "'")
                if (sql) then
                    setElementData(player, "char:pp", oldPP + 1)    
                    outputChatBox( " ...",player,255,255,255,true)
                    got  = true
                    outputChatBox( " ..",player,255,255,255,true)

addCommandHandler("watchpp", ppadd)

Now we can use it only once. It should be used by every player only once on their own account not everbody only once.

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