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Database connection errors


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Hey there,

I'm working on a roleplay project to update some older scripts, however, I can not get the mysql to work.

The mysql resource is connect to the database, but doesn't work with it. It gives no error messages besides this one, when trying to login: *ERROR: account-system/s_login.lua:44: attempt to concatenate local 's
afepassword' (a nil value)*
The resources has worked before with the database, just to confirm that. I'm running a 32bit linux server with the modules from https://linux.multitheftauto.com/

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There is no error message about it failing to connect because the arguments you have passed to dbConnect which I'm guessing is line 44 are processed before the function is called and the arguments contain a concatenation error thus aborting execution of the dbConnect and anything else below.

'safepassword' is a nil value therefore you have to declare it first: safepassword = "password here"

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